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About Us

We love to think of our online store in 2 words - Variety and Affordability.   

  1. va·ri·e·ty


noun - the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity, sameness, or monotony. 

If your goal is to look smart, sharp, or simply cheeky our goal is to supply you with the right bow tie to give you that look and feel you crave. 

2. af·ford·a·bil·i·ty


noun - ability to be afforded; inexpensiveness 

We also believe that you can have your look and save money too.  We don't think that style has to be expensive.  So we've created this online store to prove it.

We love bow ties and we know you love them too.  So please indulge in the variety and enjoy the affordability - just as we do!


Bow Tie Bounty Team